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EDC Seeks Construction Worker-Owner to Join our Team

Evanston, IL, October 4, 2019 – The Evanston Development Cooperative is hiring a community member to become an EDC construction worker-owner and join our cooperative.

This new employee would own and govern our cooperative along with current members of EDC. As an EDC Class A shareholder, they would have an equal vote at all cooperative meetings, have the opportunity to run for our Board of Directors, and have the right to a share of our annual profit.

This construction worker-owner would initially carry out on-site, part-time work. They would work on EDC’s first construction projects directly under EDC’s Director of Construction, Eric Dingle, a licensed general contractor and Evanstonian with decades of experience in construction.

Pending satisfactory performance, EDC will promote this worker-owner to a full-time position as the “Assistant Director of Construction,” in which they would continue to perform on-site work but also manage EDC construction sites. EDC believes that a reliable workforce of residents is integral to our community’s well-being, and we seek someone with a similar long-term interest in a stable career.

Experience in the construction trades is preferred, though on-the-job training will be provided by Mr. Dingle. Applicants should be able-bodied, with the ability to lift 75 pounds and operate basic power tools. Given the worker-owner’s opportunity to run a construction site over time, EDC also seeks a proactive critical thinker that can learn and grow in their work with EDC.

EDC welcomes and appreciates applicants who are committed to issues of local workforce development, affordable housing, environmental sustainability, and racial equity.

To apply, please email a resume to careers@evanston.coop or call (847) 942-6550. EDC is an equal opportunity employer.