Join Us

It takes a city to build a home

We want our team to reflect the diverse set of residents that EDC seeks to serve, which means we’re looking for people from across Evanston to join us. Because we are collectively owned and give every member the same vote, we’re able to create a unique community-owned cooperative that values each of its members.

Why Join Our Community?

EDC worker-owners and members collectively own and govern our cooperative. With this cooperative model, we seek to ensure that all community stakeholders can have an equal effect on issues of sustainable housing, racial equity, and local workforce development.

Sensible housing

Evanston residents are experiencing a growing mismatch between housing sizes and needs as homes are becoming bigger and more expensive. When aging couples want to downsize or young families hope to buy their first homes, they have few flexible options within the city. EDC homes fill this growing gap.

Workforce development

EDC recognizes two major issues impacting our community: First, there is a high unemployment rate among Evanston’s youth; and second, there is a shortage of trained construction workers throughout Illinois. Over time, EDC seeks to provide green construction job training to young Evanstonians, offering them a path to well-paid, secure careers and ownership of our cooperative.

Environmental sustainability

Last year, Evanston announced its plan to transition entirely to renewable energy by 2030 in its Climate Action and Resiliency Plan. Because the built environment is responsible for the greatest percentage of energy use, we need to build homes that minimize energy consumption. EDC homes are high-quality and resilient, reducing costs and environmental footprints for residents.

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How Can You Help?

As we prepare to break ground on our first pilot houses, we need your help and support to build a sustainable, community-owned business. Reach out to us to chat about how your personal or professional experiences could help take EDC to the next level - as a worker-owner who builds ADUs or a cooperative member.