Evanston Development Cooperative

Built By and For Evanston

Evanston's only sustainable construction cooperative

We build high-quality , sensible housing in Evanston by recruiting and training Evanston residents to construct our neighborhood’s next generation of homes. EDC drives forward the philosophy that we should own our town’s socioeconomic issues through a community-owned business, and our self-sustaining model addresses issues of housing, workforce development, environmental sustainability, and racial equity.

Build With Us

Finding sensible houses that allow families to become first-time homeowners or downsize after retirement is difficult in Evanston. EDC builds customized energy efficient coach houses and smaller homes in our town, helping families come together across generations and build equity through homeownership.

Why Support Our Mission?

Our mission and values drive our day-to-day work, and we seek community investors that care about the Evanston that their great grandchildren will live in. EDC’s community-owned business collaborates with our entire town to own long-standing social issues, because we need to move the needle on issues of housing, jobs, and environmental sustainability today.

An investment in your community.

EDC shares provide you with one vote, like every other member of our cooperative. Your share means that you help govern our organization’s work in the Evanston community, providing expertise and direction on business operations and our long-term social goals.

A voice at the table.

As an EDC shareholder, you will collaborate with local civic leaders and construction workers to address our town’s biggest challenges through our democratic, collectively-owned business.

More than money.

Our mission and values are at the core of what we do, and we partner with investors who share our passion in building a form of community wealth that’s beyond just finance. By supporting EDC, you’ll be helping the entire community work toward long-standing goals of sensible housing, workforce development and environmental sustainability.

Latest News

Evanston Development Cooperative Receives $60,000 Grant From the City of Evanston
EDC | 11 March 2019
At a meeting on Monday night, the Evanston City Council voted unanimously to grant Evanston Development Cooperative (EDC) $60,000 from the city’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Economic Development Fund.
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Development Co-op Seeks City Funding
Bill Smith | 27 February 2019
A co-op seeking to build energy-efficient affordable housing in Evanston will seek backing from the city's Economic Development Committee tonight for a request for $60,000 in city aid for the project.

The Evanston Development Cooperative is headed by Dick Co, a former Northwestern University chemistry professor.
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Prof Pitches New Approach to Affordable Housing
Bill Smith | 31 October 2018
The panels he brought to the City Council meeting may not look like much, but Dick Co says they are one of the keys to his plan for an Evanston Development Cooperative that would build energy-efficient, affordable housing while creating jobs in the community.
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