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Our business is composed of civic-minded entrepreneurs who believe that our community can work together to build a stronger city. Get to know the people who drive EDC forward.

After 10 years at Northwestern as a professor, Dick decided to double down on our town, Evanston. He was the faculty director of the award-winning House by Northwestern project, and he firmly believes that Evanston has the human capital, financial resources, and moral goodwill to build a sustainable, prosperous, and equitable city.

Dick Co, Ph.D.
Worker-Owner, President

As a member of the Brady Scholars in Ethics and Civic Life Program, Robbie Markus has researched and worked in housing affordability and the built environment in Evanston since 2016. He graduated in June of 2019 from Northwestern University with a BA in political science and radio/television/film.

Robbie Markus
Worker-Owner, VP of Strategy

Eric is a lifelong Evanstonian with nearly 3 decades of construction and construction management experience, starting as a carpenter's assistant, to carpenter, to foreman and eventually managing projects as large as > $10m.

Eric Dingle
Worker-Owner, VP of Construction

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Hearing the perspectives of all Evanston residents is necessary for our work to have a positive effect on the Evanston community. Whether you’re looking to build an ADU, become a cooperative member, or simply discuss EDC’s vision, please get in touch with us today.
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