Build Your Coach House

Why Build With EDC?

EDC coach houses provide sustainable, comfortable living for multiple generations. Our innovative building technologies lead to cleaner air, regulated indoor air temperature, and reduced utility bills. When we pair these features with thoughtful design and a local workforce, EDC delivers a beautiful, resilient coach house tailored to the needs of each Evanston homeowner.

Quicker Construction

Our tried-and-true construction methods minimize time, waste and money.

Ultra-Strong Building Structure

We construct using prefabricated Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs), which provide several inches of insulation to combat cold winters and hot summers.

Environmentally Sustainable

The structure and systems within our homes ensure that they minimize our carbon footprint, producing as much energy as they consume.

Fire-Proof Building Materials

By using fireproof materials to build, our residents can sleep more comfortably knowing that their homes keep them safe.

Superior Heating and Air Conditioning

Our homes include highly efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy, and money, than those found in traditional homes.

Local, Evanston-Based Workforce

All EDC homes are built by your Evanston neighbors after they’ve received training and licensing in sustainable construction.


"I've lived here >40 years and am a happy owner of a coach house. in 1975, you could have tenants but we were told it was illegal to rebuild the coach house. I always thought it was such shame to disallow something so sensible. It is encouraging to learn that coach houses may be in favor again. It was ideal for the years my mother-in-law lived here and we have used it for caregivers for my husband.” - B.Z.


"I believe EDC is a great model for Evanston — a place that tries to be all things to all people. In fact, it’s a project that can engage many different people and groups in many different ways. Finally — a real project that all of Evanston can get behind starting with affordable housing that fits into the neighborhood character of Evanston. The great thing about building more coach houses in Evanston is that we can increase the density and income diversity of the housing stock without changing the character of Evanston’s neighborhoods. Plus parking and/or storage is still included in a 2-story coach house.” - D.H.


“My friend grew up in a 1200-square-foot, 3-bedroom house, and it was perfect. Enough room for us to play and hangout, and also have his grandmother there taking care of him when his mother worked.” -B.B.

Our Process

Half of Evanston’s single-family properties can legally build a coach house under current zoning laws. When you call or email us today for a free consultation, here’s how we take the next steps to build your coach house:


After you share with us why you’re building a coach house, we can help you with the initial zoning analysis and planning, and pair you with local architects who can design a sensible, custom-fit home for you.


Our construction team members build your coach house reliably and quickly.


Schedule your free property consultation today

Our team understands the details of zoning, and we’ll help you find out if a coach house might work on your property. You can schedule a meeting with us directly using the button below, or please contact us by phone (847-497-0167) or email (info@evanston.coop).