About Us

Why Choose Us?

Sensible housing

Diversifying the housing stock to meet the needs of all residents.

Community wealth

Approaching economic development through democratic ownership of a for-profit business.

Racial equity

Creating economic opportunities for Evanston residents of all races and ethnicities through jobs, homeownership, and the ownership of EDC shares.


Aligning with Evanston’s sustainability goals to achieve environmental justice through small footprint buildings.

Democratic ownership

Empowering community members and workers through a one-person, one-vote organization.

Job creation

Providing young Evanston residents with workforce training and a job that never leaves their hometown.

Our Story

As a social enterprise, the Evanston Development Cooperative’s inception stemmed from a desire to solve real-world issues through a sustainable business model. We believe progress is made when community members across Evanston engage in meaningful, intergenerational collaboration. Housing is at the center of any healthy community, and EDC strives to build equity in Evanston by changing the way our city thinks about it.
Evanston-based construction workers

EDC employees are trained in building high-performing homes, and each owns a share of the company, ensuring that they possess the ability to help determine what type of homes they should build for our town.

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Residents from all wards of Evanston

EDC coach houses meet a diverse range of needs. They help our community residents age in place on their own property, earn rental income, or support other family members with an independent living solution.

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Community members who make a difference

EDC investors own and govern our organization in conjunction with our worker-owners, helping our business meet our social and profit-driven goals.

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Our Mission

EDC is a local cooperative that engages the Evanston community in intergenerational social progress by building high-performing, sensible housing. We hope to create a model for workers co-ops and sustainable housing that can be replicated across Cook County, Illinois, and beyond. By attracting local talent to join our cooperative with a green job in sustainable construction, our own residents can build homes that diversify our housing stock and put our city on a path to carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our Homes

Our homes are designed and built for a 21st century Evanston: We use durable, sustainable materials to customize structures for a diverse community of homeowners. Our innovative construction practices minimize utility and maintenance costs and promise permanent, safe, and sturdy homes for the benefit of both the environment and our residents. EDC homes fill a growing gap in the Evanston housing stock by providing sensible, flexible solutions that can be customized to your needs.

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What is a Coop?

EDC looks at business differently. Cooperatives allow members and owners to benefit equally from business profits in pursuit of our common goals. Unlike traditional for-profit businesses, we seek to share profit among workers and community shareholders. Democratic governance and ownership by our community ensures that our business is a self-sustaining economic engine that works for the many, not just a few. Read our bylaws to understand the details of our model.