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Built By and For Evanston

Evanston's Community-Owned Builder

We are a local architecture and general contracting firm that designs and builds high-quality, resilient homes in Evanston for all of our residents, with a focus on backyard dwellings or accessory dwelling units (ADUs). During COVID-19, we continue to advance site planning and design work remotely for our clients. Start the process today by contacting us!

Build an ADU With Us

We build customized, energy-efficient accessory dwelling units (ADUs) for Evanston homeowners. We work with you from start to finish, turning a design into a home in your backyard for family members or renters. Our experts in zoning analysis, architecture, engineering, permitting, and construction work together to build you an ADU based on our award-winning home in the international competition the Solar Decathlon. .

Donate to Our COVID-19 GoFundMe

2020 has been a year like no other for small businesses. To help sustain EDC's work, we are respectfully asking for your support so that EDC can continue building a more inclusive Evanston. If anything, COVID-19 has made the need for a resilient, equitable Evanston community more visible than ever. Our employee-owners would be grateful for your help to cover our operating expenses as we continue working towards this vision each day. Thank you!

Support Our Mission

Our mission and values drive our day-to-day work, and we seek cooperative members who care about the Evanston that their great grandchildren will live in. EDC’s community-owned business collaborates with our entire town to own long-standing social issues, because we need to move the needle on affordable housing, local workforce development, racial equity, and climate action today.

Invest in your community

EDC shares provide you with one vote, like every other member of our cooperative. Your membership means that you help govern our organization’s work in the Evanston community, providing expertise and direction on business operations and our long-term social goals.

Have a voice at the table

As an EDC member, you will collaborate with local civic leaders and construction workers to address our town’s biggest challenges through our democratic, collectively-owned business.

Prioritize Community Wealth

Our mission and values are at the core of what we do, which is why we seek to build and share community wealth in a more equitable way through our cooperative model. By supporting EDC, you’ll be helping the entire community work toward long-standing goals of sensible housing, workforce development and environmental sustainability.

Latest News

City of Evanston Passes ADU Ordinance
Press Release | 29 September 2020
On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Evanston City Council voted 7-0 to pass a zoning ordinance to expand opportunities citywide for accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The ordinance legalizes attached, or internal, ADUs – basement conversions, attic conversions, and interior bump-outs. Given that the cost of construction for an attached ADU is often lower than that of a detached ADU, the zoning changes allow for lower-cost homes to be added across the Evanston community.
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Evanston Selected as AARP Community Challenge Grantee
Press Release | 21 August 2020
On Thursday, August 20, 2020, AARP announced that the City of Evanston, in partnership with the Evanston Development Cooperative (EDC), was selected to receive an AARP Community Challenge grant.
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Plan panel supports expanded small house options
Bill Smith | 13 August 2020
Evanston’s Plan Commission voted Wednesday night to support zoning changes that would permit additional types of accessory dwelling units as part of efforts to increase affordable housing options in the city.
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